Grip Tec – Personal Order


Free the hand and wrist from writing induced stress with the GripTec pen grip. A simple writing tool that makes a big difference over time, the GripTec pen grip comes in left and right variants and is made and designed in Australia.

. Thermo Plastic Rubber, Non-Toxic, Latex Free.

-Easy to attach/remove from conventional pens or pencils.

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Product Description

GripTec Pen Grip

-Australian designed and manufactured.

-Recommended by handwriting experts and physiotherapists.

-Made from non-toxic, latex free, thermo plastic rubber.

-Ideal for professionals, students and clerical staff.

-Encourages the correction of inefficient pen holds.

-Ergonomically designed to improve handwriting proficiency.

-Contoured finger grips to utilise the Tripod Grip.



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